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Charles E. Ferris Engineering Endowments

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A message to the members of the Technical Society of Knoxville

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We are grateful for your endowed support of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Your investment speaks to the trust you have in the university and we do not take this lightly. Thank you for partnering with us by taking a philanthropic leadership role.


About the Charles Edward Ferris Engineering Endowments

Charles Ferris joined the University of Tennessee as a mechanical engineering professor in 1892. In 1913 he became the first dean of the University of Tennessee’s College of Engineering (COE); known today as the Tickle College of Engineering at the University of Tennesse, Knoxville.

In 1921 Ferris founded The Technical Society of Knoxville as an extramural continuing education and community technical-support institution.

In 1922 he established the Engineering Research Station, adding engineering research to the education and training mission of the college.

In 1926 he initiated the Co-op Engineering Program, the second in the southeast and the 17th in the nation. Students in this program gain knowledge and real-life experience by alternating between study terms and periods of full-time professional employment. They find a job, related to their field of study, with a cooperating employer, where they gradually assume more responsibilities as their skills grow.

In 1936 chemical engineering, including metallurgy, was moved to the COE from chemistry.

Upon his retirement in 1940, Ferris became UT’s first professor of industrial engineering.


The Technical Society of Knoxville established the Charles Edward Ferris Engineering Endowment on November 30, 1987 as a lasting tribute to Dean Ferris who made many outstanding contributions to the College of Engineering during his 50 years of dedicated teaching and leadership. The endowment funds a student scholarship and a faculty award.


Education is perpetual; it lasts a lifetime and builds over time. The Charles Edward Ferris Engineering Endowment not only beautifully commemorates Dr. Ferris’ leadership and years of teaching, it also permanently supports education in Tennessee, touching more and more lives every year. We are proud of the enduring legacy the Technical Society of Knoxville has with us. Your support helps fund education that empowers and inspires Tennessee Engineers. The combined creativity, hope, and Volunteer spirit of our engineers continue to fuel solution-driven ideas. You are making great outcomes possible in the Tickle College of Engineering. Thank you.
— Wayne T. Davis



Charles E. Ferris Student Scholarship


2020–21 Zaky Hussein

Zaky Hussein


2020–21  Kelly Bond

Kelly Bond


2019–20  Sean Indelicato

Sean Indelicato

2018–19  Adam Daniel
2016-17  Kyle Bashour
2016-17  Kara Godsey
2015-16  Stephanie Steren-Ruta
2014-15  Michael Brandon Hutton
2013-14  Joseph William Birchfield
2012-14  John Crawford Scobey
2011-12  Emmabeth Parrish
2010-11  Joshua Thomas Frerichs
2010-11  Jeffrey Anson Hatch
2008-09  Stuart A Boyce
2008-09  Chase R Beydler
2006-10  Nicholas A Jones
2005-06  Adam C Hetzler
2004-05  Constance D Collier
2002-04  Lisa Leon
2001-02  William Dahlgren
2001-02  Allison M Lockwood
2000-01  William Dahlgren
2000-01  Randy D Warren
1999-00  Brittany L Yates
1999-00  Brian T Perkinson
1998-99  Jason D Wimberly
1997-98  Veronica Fitzgerald
1997-98  Brandy M Hicks
1995-96  Holly A Ellis
1994-95  Richard S Sevier
1993-94  Douglas Bradshaw
1992-93  Amy Wilkerson
1991-92  Stephen Sliger
1990-91  Michael B Cooper
1989-90  William D Curl


Scholarships are really the only way that I have been able to attend this university. My family is not financially capable of supporting me, and I have worked my way through college to pay for my living expenses. If it weren't for you, I would be in serious student loan debt right now. I have managed to come out of college debt free, and I can start my life without that hanging over my head. That is invaluable.
— Charles Ferris Engineering Student Scholarship recipient


Thank you so much for your generosity. Thanks to donors like you, I've been able to excel in my studies and take time to contribute back to students, by organizing events like VolHacks and working with other clubs. You've provided me with the incredible opportunity to graduate debt-free, and it's something I'll certainly try to pay forward in my life.
— Charles Ferris Engineering Student Scholarship recipient



Charles E. Ferris Faculty Award

Recognizes and rewards faculty with a distinguished record of research and teaching as well as a record of contributions to the advancement of technology in the local community through local public engagement in the professional discipline.

2021  Wes Hines

Postelle Professor

Chancellor’s Professor

Head, Department of Nuclear Engineering

Wes Hines


Hines has been a Nuclear Engineering faculty member for 26 years and has served as the Nuclear Engineering department head since 2011. Under his leadership, the department developed an undergraduate Minor in Nuclear Decommissioning and Environmental Management, a Medical Physics graduate program and an undergraduate Minor in Nuclear Safety. He also has research partnerships with local companies, including planning for the Kairos test reactor at East Tennessee Technology Park and TVA’s Small Modular Reactor project at the Clinch River Site.


2020  Chris Cherry

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Christopher Cherry


Cherry has an impressive record with the community and university on improving transportation infrastructure. This includes transportation alternatives designed to reduce environmental impact and ways to more effectively integrate these into a range of options. His work has increased the visibility of the university both locally and nationally as a leader in sustainable and safe transportation.

The research by Dr. Cherry and his students that generated the video above convinced the City of Knoxville to realign these railroad crossings. A follow-up study confirmed that the new "jughandle" design of the crossings has reduced crash risk by 98 percent. During that second two-month observation period, only one — non-injury — crash was recorded.


2018  Leon Tolbert

Min H. Kao Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Lon Tolbert


Tolbert is a registered professional engineer in the state of Tennessee and a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. He is a founding member and thrust leader for CURENT, the National Science Foundation/Department of Energy research center established to develop technologies for the future electric grid.


2017  William R Hamel — Mechanical, Aerospace & Biomedical Engineering
2016  Jenny Retherford — Civil & Environmental Engineering
2015  Christopher Cherry — Civil & Environmental Engineering
2014  Butch Irick — Mechanical, Aerospace & Biomedical Engineering
2013  David Icove — Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
2012  Ed Burdette — Civil & Environmental Engineering
2011  Michael Berry — Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
2010  Carl McHargue — Center for Materials Processing
2009  John Schwartz — Civil & Environmental Engineering
2008  Robert M Counce — Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
2007  Lee Han — Civil & Environmental Engineering
2006  Donald W Bouldin — Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
2005  Paul Crilly — Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
2004  Arun Chatterjee — Civil & Environmental Engineering
2003  Eric Drumm — Biosystems Engineering & Soil Sciences
2002  W. Stan Johnson — Mechanical, Aerospace & Biomedical Engineering

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