Technical Society of Knoxville Channel on YouTube


Since 2020, some of the online meeting presentations of the Technical Society of Knoxville have been recorded.

You can watch them in the TSK Presentations Channel on YouTube. 

We cannot ascertain that all presentations will become available on our channel because

  • a speaker or their employer may not agree to a recording
  • technical and other problems may prevent the recording or its quality may be insufficient for further processing
  • volunteers may not be available for the tasks of recording, editing, documenting and/or publishing

No predetermined time frame for videos to become available for viewing has been established, as that depends on availability of volunteer hours and on hours needed to process the recording, which varies greatly.

We will announce the availability of additional presentations on this website.

You also my subscribe to the TSK Channel on its page in the YouTube website, which is shown when you tap its hyperlink given above.


Tennessee Licensed Professionals, please note:

TSK cannot issue certificates of attendance for viewing any of these recordings, even it they were announces as a professional development hour.

Certificates are issued only to those who attended an entire PDH presentation AND request a certificate in person at the end of the meeting,

or to those who register for a TSK Zoom Event ‘PDH Ticket’ in advance and attend the entire live Video Webinar.