How many organizations last 100 years?

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The Technical Society of Knoxville was founded in 1921. It has met over 4,000 times to discuss the application of technology from early Knoxville’s coal smoke and traffic problems to present Knoxville’s transportation air pollution and the impact of electric car technologies. 

What was it like back then? 

Join us to observe TSK’s 100th anniversary on June 14, 2021 at the Crowne Plaza.


The Keynote Speaker will be Jack Neely.

Jack Neely grew up in a family of engineers; his father and grandfather, both named John Neely, were members of the Technical Society of Knoxville.

Jack became known for his historical research, especially through his column “Secret History” in Metro Pulse and “The Scruffy Citizen” in the Knoxville Mercury.

He has published about a dozen books, large and small, including the official history of the Tennessee Theatre, a 350-page narrative about the history of the Old City area, Market Square: A History of the Most Democratic Place on Earth, and most recently, Historic Knoxville: The Curious Visitor’s Guide and Historic Bearden.

For the last six years he has been executive director of the nonprofit Knoxville History Project.

Title: The Turning Point

Things were never the same after 1921, when technology was changing the city in several surprising ways. TSK was there, at a dramatic moment.


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